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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Cambridge Property Management

If you are considering investment property in Cambridge, MA, you are probably contemplating the best way to manage the property.  Owning and managing a rental property can pose many hurdles. For new investors and “inadvertent” landlords, these can sometimes become daunting. Even seasoned investors can find themselves spending a lot of time and energy maintaining their properties when they could be finding new investment prospects or enjoying other interests.

Our passion is helping property owners realize the maximum capability of their real estate investments. This means prepping the property to demand top-of-market rents, screening tenants, decreasing vacancy, maintaining the property and repairing concerns while they’re small – before they become big, expensive setbacks.  We work with our owners to create business plans for their properties, manage cash flow and build maintenance reserves.  This planning means that (barring unforeseen circumstances) major repairs happen unsurprisingly and on budget.

Our expertise in the Boston area works to your benefit. Whether your property was built yesterday or during the 19th century, we understand the property management pitfalls unique to this city. Boston is unique in so many ways, and this includes building codes, landlord/tenant law, and other statutes. Real Property Management Commonwealth can help keep you compliant.

Do you rent to students? Would you like to? Real Property Management Commonwealth focuses on student housing leases. At your option, consistent property evaluations can help ensure that lease terms are being met and that the property’s condition is being well-maintained.

When you allow Real Property Management Commonwealth to join your team, you gain a partner with the knowledge, skillset, systems, methods, and personnel you need to ensure you get the most from your rental property.

Cambridge Property Management Services

Real Property Management Commonwealth’s residential property management services include:

  • On-Going Communication
  • Comprehensive Marketing & Advertising
  • Thorough Tenant Screening & Selection
  • Full-Service Leasing
  • Timely Rent Collection
  • Cost-Effective, Reliable Maintenance
  • Regular Evaluations
  • Strict and Compliant Evictions
  • Comprehensive Accounting

Why Choose Us?

  1. We work with property owners who find themselves with an “extra” home through marriage, divorce, inheritance, or other circumstance.  We help them to realize the full benefit from their property while avoiding the headaches and risks of being an owner-landlord, maintaining the value of the home, enjoying the full market appreciation when they eventually sell, and most importantly, keeping their time for themselves to pursue pursuits they truly care about.
  2. We work with real estate investors who are intentionally building a portfolio of rental properties. We partner with investors to operate their rental properties as a business. We worry about marketing, tenant screening, leasing, rent collection, maintenance, evictions and compliance so that the investors can concentrate on investing.
  3. We pride ourselves on our communication. Owners always know what is happening with their properties and have a dedicated property manager to whom they can reach out at any time. Owners can find accounting and other information using our online owner portal at any time.
  4. We respect our tenants and work to develop trustworthy relationships with them. We encourage tenants to pay rent on time and make it as easy as possible to understand and uphold the terms of their lease and we respond to their maintenance requests in a timely manner. All of this results in tenants who are willing to renew the lease on a home that they love.

Other Locations We Service

As we continue to grow, the locations that we manage also expands. We are not restrained to the areas listed below, rather we are prepared to grow with you depending on your individual area and requirements. Just give us a phone call if your location is not listed at the present time.

Our main office is located in Cambridge, MA and we have several other locations we service including:

Contact Real Property Management Commonwealth

Our property management strategy is guaranteed to save you money at every point of the process. We make it trouble-free in order to safeguard your investment, lessen costs, and maximize your revenue—without interrupting your day.

If you are interested in having your Cambridge property managed by Real Property Management Commonwealth, have any queries, or just want to communicate with one of our team members, then contact us online or call us directly at 617-299-2342 today!

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